How to convert a directory to a list of files

In Windows Explorer, open the directory you want to turn into a list of files.

Holding Shift, right click on white-space in the directory and select “Open command window here”

This will open a command prompt with the current directory already filled in.  Type the following and hit Enter

Now in that directory will be a text file containing a list of the files and other associated data about the directory.  You can use as is or further manipulate.


If you want to use it in Excel for say a checklist or any other reason, follow these next steps.  Open Excel and open the list.txt text file that was just created.

Select the relevant portion just listing the file details and copy it.

Paste it into Excel.  Each line will be it’s own row, but all the details will be in the first column.  We can fix that too.

Select the first column and go to Data > Text to Columns

Choose Delimited and hit Next >

Then check the Space delimiter, leave the rest unchecked and hit Finished.

Now Column E will contain just the file names and you can do whatever you wish with the rest of the columns.