windirstat.exe hash

The .exe files contained in the installer have the following SHA1 hashes (Unicode and ANSI version respectively):

752e1687d58de3bef927d9ad24c0ed3da3754e17 *release/windirstat.exe
26e14a532e1e050eb20755a0b7a5fea99dd80588 *urelease/windirstat.exe

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windirstat1_1_2_setup.exe hash

File name: windirstat1_1_2_setup.exe

Download WinDirStat Windows Installer (630.59 KB)

Hashes provided on:
MD5: 3abf1c149873e25d4e266225fbf37cbf
SHA1: 6fa92dd2ca691c11dfbfc0a239e34369897a7fab

Downloaded file hashes verified 7/14/14
MD5: 3ABF1C149873E25D4E266225FBF37CBF
SHA1: 6FA92DD2CA691C11DFBFC0A239E34369897A7FAB
SHA256: 370A27A30EE57247FADDEB1F99A83933247E07C8760A07ED82E451E1CB5E5CDD

Hashes for the .exe can be found here

Coursera hwswinterface-002 VM hash


The Hardware/Software Interface by Gaetano Borriello, Luis Ceze from the University of Washington

Virtual machine file name: VM.7z

Download VM.7z (1.3GB)

Provided MD5 hash: 9a2a35b58ff716a84f17610fdec972ec VM.7z


Downloaded file MD5 hash verified 7/12/14

MD5: 9A2A35B58FF716A84F17610FDEC972EC

SHA1: 4EC86B022355E324CBD4D13589AED6CDB4423093

SHA256: A0C7F7BBDC8DE1FC8C26EDC42A5270ADB3DD35363F14B18B7E2D8F342EE7730B