List of 50 US States in Excel

Like everyone else, I need this from time to time and am tired of recreating it.

The master spreadsheet has four columns:

  1. State name in all caps
  2. State name in title case
  3. State two-letter abbreviation
  4. State AP style abbreviations

For convenience, each column is also provided in its own .csv file.


All Data: 50_us_states_all_data.csv

50 US State Names (Title Case): 50_us_state_names.csv

50 US State Names (ALL CAPS): 50_us_state_names_caps.csv

50 US State two-letter abbreviations: 50_us_states_two_letter_abbreviations.csv

50 US State AP abbreviations: 50_us_states_ap_abbreviations.csv


(SHA1: ECAE34EA4B45940FFA8DBAF276108DB9F8C446AB)

(SHA1: 5227FC6B3D0A4D7BB9E902EF34C5BDD73A138CC7)

(SHA1: 30E7C3C17BA818129C2D3535F737F7907256F8AD)

(SHA1: 77ACABEC2C66453F4DC8E47052E0CAA28F0090B7)

50 US State AP abbreviations: 50_us_states_ap_abbreviations.csv
(SHA1: 18B6A4056994CF1C2A544DC533152651C8652A82)


This article expands on the work done in the link below by adding AP style abbreviations and separating into individual files:

Original file:
(Downloaded 8/18/14 SHA1: D1E3FB7BAE7CD427359D373B5F2C166ABA46BBE2)

Associated Press Style State Abbreviations Source:

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