Review of Tesla’s Short Self-driving Proof of Concept

Autopilot Full Self-Driving Hardware (Neighborhood Short) from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

The views they provide are (left to right, top to bottom):

  1. Interior cabin & through windshield
  2. The vehicle’s left rearward vehicle camera
  3. The vehicle’s medium range (forward) camera
  4. The vehicle’s right reward vehicle camera

Related: Tesla’s HW2 (Hardware 2) sensor suite

Object detection:

  • Motion flow
  • Lane lines (left of vehicle)
  • Lane lines (right of vehicle)
  • Road flow
  • In-path objects
  • Road lights
  • Objects
  • Road signs

The following are my observations.  These are not necessarily errors or incorrect, but are things worth mentioning.

My general observations:

  • On two lane roads, far left line typically not detected on Medium range camera
  • Multiple bounding boxes around the same object
  • Rearward objects labeled as “in-path”
  • Brake pedal moves, but accelerator pedal does not appear to move
  • Slowed down for a crosswalk (0:12)
  • Detected pedestrian near road, but did not consider to be in-path (0:41)
  • Stopped/slowed down for walkers/joggers near road (0:55)
  • Stopped during right turn (1:02)
  • Detects the back of road signs as signs (1:23)
  • Stopped after right turn (1:33)
  • The cameras angles not included are: forward narrow, forward wide, left and right side forward facing, and rear facing
  • From the information provided here, we cannot determine whether pedestrians are treated as any other object or separately as a “pedestrian type” object


  • Detected road sign as road light (1:25)