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Google Indexing Experiment

This is a search engine optimization experiment with two similar existing pages on this site to see which will get index by Google faster.

There were two bare bones pages on this site with nearly identical content (formatting was the same and word count was equal)

Neither of which were appearing in Google’s index

Google site search index results from 6/29/16

Pre-experiment quick stats:

  • Published: 6/23/16
  • Taxonomy WordPress Page
  • 1 internal link
  • 0 external links
  • 0 images
  • Both included in sitemap
  • Neither indexed by Google
  • No links from other pages on this site
  • AK Page word count: 40
  • MO Page word count: 40

The Experiment

Control page is Alaska and variable page is Missouri.

The variable under test is page content length as measured by word count (determined by the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress).

The Yoast plugin recommends content be a minimum of 300 words in length.

The Missouri page was updated with Creative Commons information sourced and remixed from Wikipedia and now has 320 words of content.

Also, an equal number of links to the page from this post have been added and twitter links from the SOT account.

Experiment quick stats:

  • Started 6/29/16
  • Both pages updated: 6/29/16 (for the purpose of this test)
  • AK Page word count: 40
  • MO Page word count: 320
  • MO Page has 2 external links (both to Wikipedia)
  • This post has 241 words at time of publication