Missouri Abbreviation

The state of Missouri is abbreviated as Mo.

State Abbreviation Postal Code
Missouri Mo. MO

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The Mo. abbreviation for Missouri is part of the AP Style guide.

Missouri quick facts:

  • A part of the United States and located in the Midwest
  • 21st largest state by land mass
  • 18th largest state by population
  • Became the 24th state in 1821 (August 10th) and was formerly the “Missouri Territory”
  • People from there are referred to as Missourians
  • Neighbored by Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska
  • Located in the Central time zone
  • The state has no official nickname, but the unofficial the “Show Me State” nickname appears on their vehicle license plates
  • State Capital: Jefferson City
  • Largest city: Kansas City
  • Largest metro: Greater St. Louis Area
  • 5 professional sports teams:
    • MLB: St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals
    • NFL: Kansas City Chiefs
    • NHL: St. Louis Blues
    • MLS: Sporting Kansas City
  • Missouri’s national parks include:
    • California Trail
    • George Washington Carver Monument
    • Harry S Truman Historic Site
    • Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (St. Louis Gateway Arch)
    • Lewis & Clark Trail
    • Oregon Trail
    • Ozark Scenic Riverway
    • Santa Fe Trail
    • Trail of Tears
    • Ulysses S Grant Historic Site
    • Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield
  • Four US Navy vessels bare the state’s name:
    • USS Missouri (1841), a sidewheel frigate launched in 1841 and destroyed by fire in 1843
    • USS Missouri (BB-11), a Maine-class battleship in service from 1900 to 1922
    • USS Missouri (BB-63), an Iowa-class battleship in service from 1944 to 1998; site of the official Japanese surrender of World War II; decommissioned in 1998; now a floating war memorial at Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii
    • USS Missouri (SSN-780), a Virginia-class submarine, joined the fleet after a commissioning ceremony July 31, 2010 at the Naval Submarine Base New London.


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