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Two-pin SAE connector

It took me about 10 minutes to find the name of this connector online:

Two-pin SAE connector

However, it goes by many different names and I was unable to locate an official specification.  If anyone can point me to the actual specification it would be much appreciated.


Automotive, motorcycle, ATV, battery chargers, trailer wiring, solar panels, electrically heated clothing.

Other names used:

  • SAE quick connect or quick-connect
  • SAE 2 pin flat connector
  • Two-pin SAE connector
  • Two-Way Flat Connector SAE
  • SAE “quick-connect” 12V cable
  • S-S connector? (this last one was only listed on site)

Google Image search wasn’t able to identify the connector first using an image of the connector and cable nor was it able to using just the connector.  (Not that I was expecting it to be able to).  The visually similar images seem to have around 50% overlap.





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