Driving Data

Open source data sets of of real world and simulated driving data available to download.  Data provided by comma.aideepdrive.ioselfracingcars.com, and Udacity.

Real world driving data


Duration Compressed Uncompressed File type License Link
7.25 hours 45 GB 80 GB HDF5 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Download



Date Lighting Conditions Duration Compressed Size Uncompressed FILE TYPE LICENSE Link
9/29/2016 Sunny 12:40 25G 40G ROS bag MIT Download
10/3/2016 Overcast 58:53 124G 183G MIT Download
10/10/2016 Sunny 03:20:02 21G 23.3G MIT Torrent
10/20/2016 Sunny 03:30:00 30G 40G MIT Torrent



Simulated driving data


Simulated driving data and Caffe model to predict steering angle among other instructions.  Simulated in Grand Theft Auto V.

Dataset (600k images, 80GB, 42 hours of driving time)

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