100 things that are broken, according to HN (Hacker News)

I take no credit for this concept whatsoever, but the original list by gregjor didn’t include links to the related articles.

It’s pretty easy to find the articles through their search (sorted by popularity fyi), but here they are in one place:

Everything: Everything’s broken and nobody’s upset

TV: TV is broken

Java and Python sorting algorithm: Proving that Android’s, Java’s and Python’s sorting algorithm is broken

OSX memory management: Something is deeply broken in OS X memory management

Hiring: Hiring Is Broken – My interview experience in the tech industry

HTTP: We have broken HTTP

The internet: Edward Snowden: The Internet Is Broken

Email: Email is not broken: Its a framework, not an application

Math.random in V8: Math.random in V8 is broken

Some links: Broken Links

The string type: The string type is broken

Google’s hiring process: Why Google’s hiring process is broken

Web development workflow: Our web development workflow is completely broken

EC2 firewall: The EC2 firewall is broken

RNG: “RNG broken for last 4 months”

SSL: SSL broken. (TLS 1.0 cryptographic attack that works. Not just fake certs.)

The ocean: The Ocean is Broken (2013)

Email forwarding: Google seems to have broken email forwarding

Sleep: Why Broken Sleep Is a Golden Time for Creativity

WhatsApp: WhatsApp is broken, really broken

Bookmarks: Mozilla UX: Save For Later (why bookmarks are broken and how to fix it)

Bitcrypt: Bitcrypt broken

The patent system: EFF Outlines Plan to Fix the Broken Patent System

Breaking news: Breaking News is broken

POSIX close(2): POSIX close(2) is broken

Scientific peer review: Scientific Peer Review Is Broken – Fighting to Fix It with Anonymity

Your Tumblr: Your Tumblr is broken. Fix it.

systemd: Broken by design: systemd

Your wireless router: Your Wireless Router Is Broken – Help Us Fix It At DEF CON

Nearly all binary search and merge sorts: Nearly all binary search and merge sort implementations are broken (2006)

OpenGL: OpenGL Is Broken

Bread: Bread is Broken

Maven: Maven is broken by design

HN submissions system: Tell HN: The Submissions System is Broken

Your Docker image: Your Docker image might be broken without you knowing it

iOS 8.0.1: iOS 8.0.1 released, broken on iPhone 6 models, withdrawn

VirtualBox: VirtualBox broken on Ivy Bridge Macbooks after 10.8.2 and Firmware Update

OpenSSL’s implementation of DSA: OpenSSL’s implementation of DSA appears to be broken

The rest aren’t linked yet, so here’s the search results: https://hn.algolia.com/?query=broken&sort=byPopularity&prefix&page=3&dateRange=all&type=story

Airport security


The War on Drugs

Diablo III economy

All the crypto code you’ve ever written

Web development

Unicode in Python

Go packaging

DNS in OSX 10.10



The rest aren’t linked yet, so here’s the search results: https://hn.algolia.com/?query=broken&sort=byPopularity&prefix&page=4&dateRange=all&type=story

Security of USB

Mac App Store DRM

HTML element

Your business

The venture capital model


RC4 in TLS (kind of)

GSM encryption

Visa and MasterCard security

Google’s design process

Silicon Valley

java.nio.file.WatchService, on Linux

Employee equity

The rest aren’t linked yet, so here’s the search results:  https://hn.algolia.com/?query=broken&sort=byPopularity&prefix&page=5&dateRange=all&type=story

East New York

Language learning

DCI in Ruby

Logout in Ruby on Rails

Performance tools

India’s higher education system


Algorithm development

GitHub’s language detection


HN flagging system

Google App Engine

Photo uploading

US justice system


Our pricing model

RC4 in TLS

The calorie

Online dating


Tech journalism


California’s jaywalking law



Your online WYSIWYG editor

Skype for Windows

NBC’s Olympics coverage

The payments industry

Someone’s iPad

The App Store business model


The 30-day free trial

America’s meritocracy

Continental Airlines funnel

Advertising in mobile games

Flash ads