2016 Republican Presidential Candidates’ Website SSL Reports

Candidate (alphabetical by last name) Status Website SSL Labs Server Test Link Grade (5/27/15)
Skip Andrews Declared www.skipandrews2016.com Link B
Michael Bickelmeyer Declared www.michaelbickelmeyer.com Link Certificate name mismatch
Kerry Bowers Declared www.kerrybowers.com Link Certificate name mismatch
Dr. Ben Carson Declared www.bencarson.com Link A
Dale Christensen Declared www.dale2016.com Link B
Ted Cruz Declared www.tedcruz.org Link A+
John Dummett, Jr. Declared www.dummett2016.com Link Certificate name mismatch
Mark Everson Declared markforamerica.com Link Certificate name mismatch
Carly Fiorina Declared carlyforamerica.com Link C
Chris Hill Withdrawn www.chrishillforpresident.com
Mike Huckabee Declared mikehuckabee.com Link B
Michael Kinlaw Declared* www.michaelkinlaw.com
George Pataki Declared www.georgepataki.com Link Unable to connect to server
Rand Paul Declared www.randpaul.com Link A
Michael Petyo Declared www.petyoforpresident.com Link Certificate name mismatch
Marco Rubio Declared marcorubio.com Link
Brian Russell Declared www.russell2016.com Link Certificate name mismatch
Rick Santorum Declared www.ricksantorum.com Link No secure protocols supported / Certificate not valid for domain name

2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Website SSL Reports

2016 Third Party Presidential Candidates’ Website SSL Reports

Last updated 6/1/15

Sources: http://2016.republican-candidates.org/


*Republican-Candidates.org lists Michael Kinlaw as a presidential candidate, however his website, Facebook account, and Twitter account reference “Kinlaw 2016 Michael Kinlaw for U.S. Senate Colorado”

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