Building an Image Processing Pipeline Overview

This post is intended to kick off a multi-part series on building an image processing pipeline.  Presented here is an outline which will be updated and modified along the way.

My motivation and the goal is to build a process that ingests photos (currently from a mobile device), sort them into multiple categories, and perform an independent task on each photo after sorting.

The secondary goal is to build a toolkit of scripts for each of these tasks that are reusable in the future.

The programming will be in Python.

Pipeline overview:

  1. Mobile image capture device (iPhone)
  2. Program to sync photos with a computer (BitTorrent Sync)
  3. Directory spy to process newly synced images
  4. Indexing/de-duplication
  5. Pre-processing
  6. Processing
  7. Final result

Progress so far:

Numbers one and two are easily crossed off the list.  I have created a directory spy (item #3)  in the past, but it needs to be reviewed and modified to work here.