Chart: 7 alternatives to Square

I was looking into mobile payment processors, a need for an upcoming event, and was not satiated with listings on other comparison sites.  Here is my evaluation.

Sites I visited: – ton s of information but way too wordy.  I just wanted to get to the numbers – 10 pages,  and no side-by-side comparisons, no thanks

Off the bat, I was interested in knowing the minimum monthly fee, per transaction fees, if I can swipe cards without an internet connection, how they handle customer support, and finally price of the device.

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Monthly fees/minimums

Most services don’t charge a monthly fee.  Those that do all have a pay as you “go” version and a paid version that trades a monthly for a per swipe fee reduction.

Transaction fees

Very varied.  Refer to the chart


The information here is sparse.  I am still investigating this information.  Square for sure does have this functionality:

Customer support

Still looking into this

Cost of the device

All have a free device except for Amazon Local Register and Flint.

  • Amazon charges $10 for the device but offsets it with a $10 account credit.
  • Flint doesn’t have a device at all.  The app uses the phone’s camera.

Last updated: 6/15/15