Excel: Insert blank row between every row

There is no inbuilt way in Excel to insert a blank row between every existing row, but it is achievable without doing it manually.

The process is to create a column with repeated numerals (1 to n, where n is the number of rows with data) equal to twice the number of rows of data (2n) and sort by that column so blank lines appear between each data row. ┬áHere’s how…

  1. Locate or insert a blank column
  2. Optionally name the column “Order” or leave it blank if there are no headers
  3. Type the number “1” in the first row of data
  4. Fill down to the last row of data
  5. Select and Copy all the numbers just created in that column
  6. Paste the selection below the data into the first blank row
  7. Sort by the column of numbers from Smallest to Largest.
  8. Optionally delete the column of numbers

Tip: if you need multiple blank rows between, repeat step 6 as necessary