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  • Professional $499/mo
  • Production $999/mo
  • Enterprise (contact for pricing)

Currently 23 Models:

  • Deep Videogame Level Generator – Automatically generate blueprints for videogames levels. Using user-specified building blocks, the model will generate game levels that are meant to steer the player through a sequence of designer-controlled steps.
  • Deep Classical Composer – Train this model to create original classical music. Modify the training data to influence the output of the model.
  • Colornet – Convert black and white images into full color.
  • Deep 3D Plants – Automatically generate 3D plants of different kinds, shapes, and sizes.
  • inception-prebuilt – This model allows a data scientist to customize which level in an ANN’s (artificial neural network) hierarchy structure to enhance. Lower levels enhance low level features such as lines and basic shapes. Higher levels enhance actual structures suc…
  • neuraltalk2-demo – This vision-to-language model analyzes the contents of an image and outputs an English sentence about what it sees. The model was trained using “storyable” events from Flickr and captions that were generated by crowdsourcers on Amazon’s Mechanical…
  • char-rnn-ted – his code implements multi-layer Recurrent Neural Network (RNN, LSTM, and GRU) for training character-level language models. In other words, the model takes one text file as input and trains an RNN that learns to predict the next character in a s…
  • DCGAN-faces – A neural network that is able to synthesize fake images based off seeing similar images. This particular model generates faces.
  • deep3d – As 3D movies and Virtual Reality become more mainstream, the market for 3D content will grow at an exponential rate. However, producing 3D videos is a challenging and expensive process. This model allows for the conversion of 2D images into stereo…
  • Caption to Image Generator – This model generates a strip of images that illustrate a caption.
  • GRAN Image Generator – This model can be fed a large image dataset of objects such as faces, cars, chairs, etc. Using the data, it will generate a canvas of brand new objects in this class.
  • English to Old English Translator – Translate old English (like the works of Shakespeare) into Modern English and vise versa.
  • Context Encoder – This algorithm uses context clues to predict and render a missing part of an image.
  • Deep Go – Train bots to play the classic board game Go. Interact with your bot through a web browser.
  • Autotag Movie Clips – This model automatically indexes the contents of each frame of a video so that you can search and filter video scenes by objects, setting, actors, and more. Save time searching through hundreds of hours of archived footage by instantly queueing th…
  • reverse image search – Give an image, return a list of all similar images from your database. We use a deep neural network architect with 8 layers to be able to compare images.
  • Neural Doodle – This model allows you to transfer the style of one image on to another image. By creating a simple doodle map, you can specifically tell the AI how you want the style to be transferred to your target image.
  • neural-style-demo – Transfer the style from one image and apply it to a target image. Imagine a self portrait in the style of Van Gogh’s [sic] Starry Night.
  • GRAN Cat Generator – This model can be fed a large image dataset of objects such as faces, cars, chairs, etc. Using the data, it will generate brand new objects in this class. This particular model generates cute cats.
  • neural-storyteller – This model analyzes an image and produces a story about what it sees. The model can be trained with various data sets in order to alter the story’s voice, tone, and word choice. This particular model was trained using romance novels but you could …
  • Video Inception – This model allows for deep dreaming in videos. Train the model to “hallucinate” objects in each frame of a video.
  • ClearText – This text editor only allows you to use the 1000 most common words in the English language, forcing you to write more clearly.
  • image classifier – given any image, tell you if it belongs to a certain class.