Improve the search presence of your site

This post follows step by step adding your site to Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

I verified my site using the Google Analytics method.

Step 1: Add all your website versions

It seems unnecessary, but they are serious about adding all variations (http/https www/non-www) and it is is required in order to set a preferred (www/non-www) version.

I added:


Step 2: Select your preferred version

I set the preferred version to

  • Display URLs as (the https:// version)

Step 3: Select target country

  • Skipped this step

Step 4: Share access with co-workers

  • Skipped this step

Step 5: Submit a sitemap file

Starting out: No sitemaps found for this site
I tested the sitemap first
Results of the sitemap test
Next I submitted the sitemap
After refreshing the page it shows the sitemap was processed but no other information for Issues, Items, Submitted, or Indexed
1 day later, on 5/29/15, 256 pages were submitted with 111 indexed and 65 images submitted with zero indexed