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iOS Code Samples

What was iOS Code Samples?

The code samples in this package have been sourced from the internet. They were tested using Xcode 5.1 and the iPhone simulator with iOS 7.1, 32 bit and 3.5 inch screen. All the samples included in these packages functioned without error. The apps are simple and consist of at least one task, the descriptions in the indexes are accurate to what was experience upon testing.

Benefits of These Code Samples

Open-Source Code

The code samples are all open-source, so you can use them in your projects without concern. Most of the apps are covered by an MIT license, with a few covered by Apache 2.

Quality Code

All of the samples have been tested on an device with iOS 7.1, so they are guarantied to work as described. Our samples have been compiled, cleared of errors and tested by a human.

Build Faster

With the samples you can add new features without having to start from scratch. Or use our samples as a starting point for new apps. Start with basic functionality and build FASTER!

Download the Files

62 Design/Layout Code Samples (DEAD) | 72 Functional Code Sample (DEAD)

Mirror links (sendspace): (67.03MB)
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Samples and Descriptions

Functional Samples

cropping => Basic cropping tool for images, image selector, touch animation
MDSGeocoder => Geocoding, type in a place, find it on a map, great starting point
ALPickerView => Picker view / spinner for picking a row, multi-row support
AIMBalloon-master => balloon on a string animation, bounces to touch, has a gravity, response to touch
AIMTableViewIndexBar-master => move to letter in a list view by touch buttons on side
CMNavBarNotificationView-master => Notification at top of screen, can flip and have different styles
GrowingTextView-master => text box and keyboard functionality, when text box fills with text the box grows to accommodate it
JPSImagePickerController-master => lets you click a button to pull up the camera, you can take picture, might ask confirmation.
JPSThumbnailAnnotation-master => Add a custom thumbnail on a world map, could use to map your stores locations
JPSVolumeButtonHandler-master => Use the volume buttons to do something other then change to volume within your app – NO TESTABLE APP
KPTimePicker-master => Use a clock like spinner to set the time, set time buy turning clock
RCLocationManager-master => Shows a map of the world, you can drop pins on locations, asks for location but didn’t do anything (not tested with phone)
SJODataKit-master => This app sample allows you to populate a table, remove rows, add rows, slide to delete, search, delete all – it extends core data
SJOPaperboy-master => This app updates the location in the background to provide updated data, updates when user enters or exists specific locations
SORelativeDateTransformer-master => This app allows you to spin to a date, it will then tell you how far in the future that data is, relative date to now
SPGooglePlacesAutocomplete-master => Should auto complete address as you type them in, this app requires a google api key
TimeScroller-master => UI element that looks like a clock, it hovers beside the scroll bar or a table
ZGCountDownTimer-master => Timer / count down, you can start, pause or reset this timer, once it reaches the end it shows an alert
ZGNavigationBarTitle-master => This app allows you to set, update and clear part of the title bar of the app on the fly
leaves-master => This one is is a page flipping app, it does pdfs, images and procedures, this is for iPhone
RSBarcodes-master => This app converts a number in to a 1d barcode, says it can create 2d barcodes also
EXPhotoViewer-master => This app is a photo viewer, you can scroll through photos and zoom into one specifically
UIImageView-BetterFace-master => This app adjusts faces to make them look better and more of the focus of pictures displayed in UIImageView
LBGIFImage-master => This app will convert a gif image into an animated image you can use within an app
KINWebBrowser-master => This is a web browser, you can view pages as in a browser or as a full screen view – basically an webpage viewer for an app
JBChartView-master => This app shows you how to create different types of graphs for your data – data visualization
UIScannerView-master => This is a bar code scanning app, even detects if you have a camera and responds correctly
SHEmailValidator-master => This app will validate the syntax of an email and see if it matches the correct structure
iOS7-Sampler-master => Demo of all sorts of new iOS7 features, dynamic behaviours, speech synthesis, custom transition, 3d map, iBeacon, SLO-MO video, smile detection, image editor
ADGraphView-master = > This app shows a graph of temperatures over a year, it has a line graph along with dots and labels along the x and y axis – can use for data visualization
ASTouchVisualizer-master => This app visualizes your touch actions, when you touch the screen it pulsates a read circle, then then a smaller grey circle stays with your finger as it moves around
BDDRScrollViewAdditions-master => This app shows you how to double tap a to zoom, center, two finger zoom out, one finger zoom and image within scroll view – good to interact with an image
BZGFormField-master => this a log in form, but could be used for other types of forms, it validates that the email address is valid structure, also validates passwords match and are long enough – has a red bar beside field that turns green when contents are good
DAScratchPad-master => this is a scratch pad that you can draw on with your finger and paint a picture, you have different views and can adjust the darkness, size, color, opacity
DLIDEKeyboard-master => This app is a note pad like area with spell check / red underlining, the keyboard can be customized to have special buttons along the top, can retract the keyboard and show a message
CTAssetsPickerController-master => this app is an assestes picker, you can click pick and see a list of all your photos and pick them and add them to a list, clear the list
DWTagList-master => this is a tag view, there is a text box with an add button, text entered will show up as a tag below it, sort of looking like a button but a tag
DynamicGraphView-master => This app is a graphing view, you can add points, set an array, and adjust the fill it has a base line and a line
FastImageCache-master => This app is an image caching flowing layout with click to zoom/ full screen, the images are loaded from a folder – the images load more quickly then they would if they were uiimages
FTCoreText-master => This app uses components and the CoreText frameworks to render static text using a customizable market syntax – basically you can do some html like sytax in your layouts
GoldRaccoon-master => This app is the basics of an FTP client, you can connect to an ftp with ip, username and password, you can also get a listing of directories, messages are shown in console
HiBeacons-master => This app is an example of iBeacons, it allows monitoring, advertising and ranging – iBeacons use BlueTooth to help a phone know where it is relative to a beacon, you will need beacons to really use this code
ios-audio-remote-control-master => This app demonstrations the audio remote control, when it starts its plays music, you will need an audio player to be able to control the music – use the controls on an audio play to control music on your device
ios-image-editor-master => This app is an image crop tool, you can zoom into an image, rotate it, pan then same your cropping as a new image, great for zooming in or creating a clipping of an image
iOS-QR-Code-Encoder-master => This app will create a QR code and display it on the screen for any string you want
IQDatabaseManager-master => This app is a Database manager, you can create records, view a list of them, see details, edit and delete – this can be used for a database within your app.
IQDropDownTextField-master => This app has a spinner that gives a list of texts (city names), date picker spinner, and time picker spinner, basically you can use a spinner to select text, dates, times
IQGeometry-master => Angle, point, distance, part of this app lets you move around points on a graph, it lists their distances locations and angles, the other part Transform rectangle tracks the angle and scale of an image as you adjust it with double touch
IQKeyboardManager-master => This app helps you deal with the keyboard hiding a text field or the screen not adjusting to the location of the keyboard, basically shows you how to adjust text entry boxes to have appropriate keyboard locations (usable)
IQZoomImageView-master => With this app you can view an image and zoom in and out with double touch
IXNTilePuzzle-master => This app is a tile puzzle, it shows a picture of a dog scrambled in tiles, you have to move the tiles one by one to solve the puzzle
MagicalRecord-develop => This app is a full out recipe book, you can create new recipes, add photos, set prep-time, add ingredients, categories, etc – fully functional app, utilizes sqlite
MMSpreadsheetView-master => This app is a spread sheet style of table, there are coordinates for the squares and rows and columns – this is iPAD specific
OVGap-master => This app is a light weight framework that allows you to build an app with javascript that can interact with the Objective-C to do actions on the phone, this gets devices info, photo library access, plays audio, access camera, address book, file manager has dispatches
PBJNetworkObserver-master => This app isn’t much to look at, but in the debug output (bottom on xcode when running app) it gives notification of network status (reachable) and if its cellular and changes – use this to detect network connections
PBJVideoPlayer-master => This code sample loads a video from a url and displays it in the screen, you can click the play button to watch the video – I don’t host file so it is possible that it can go offline, in which case you will need to find another video
PBJVision-master => This app is an iOS camera that supports touch to record for photos and videos
PEPhotoCropEditor-master => This app lets you take a photo or select one from your gallery, you can then selectively crop the image larger or smaller with adjustable grid
PocketSVG-master => This app is for iPAD, it loads a SVGs and makes it easy to create vector-based paths and shapes, it turns svgs into CGPaths, CAShapeLayers, UIBezierPaths, NSBezierCurves
queue-master => This app shows you how to do background tasks / thread jobs, its specifically for doing a lot of background tasks, can use CGD and SQLLite3
RKCropImageController-master => This app is another style of cropping, you can select a zone with a grid then select crop, it will crop the area, but you have to click save to view the cropped area – not as good as the other crop
RKRichTextView-master => This is a text field that is rich, you can edit the text to be bolded, underlined, italicized – difference from other text view / editor is the bolded, underlined, italicized
SPUserResizableView-master => This app has two images, you can click on both of them and move them around, also when one is clicked you can adjust its size and shape, there are circles on the corners and along the edge to have pulling points
storage-master => This app has an image on display, it also has 3 buttons, by clicking them you can save the image to various locations on the phone, temp, caches, and documents directory
VPPMap-master => This app is a map with pins on it, pins can be clicked and have annotations, you can also see groups of points listed together with a number icon, clicking zooms in to reveal the hidden pins – the map can also locate you on the map and show you things near by
XMLParser-master => This app can parse xml and display it to the screen, there are 5 different texts using different xml files
CustomAnnotation-master => this app is a map with a custom annotations, the pin has a title that can be customized and the position can be set with coordinates
FacebookLikeView-master => This is a facebook like button implementation in an app, there are various libraries used to get this working so it shows how to do it
POVoiceHUD-master => this app lets you record audio for 20 seconds, it also has an interface like google translate
Tip-Calc-BM-master => This app is a tip calculator, you can put in your bill amount, tip percent and people and it will calculate the tip and how much each owes
iPhoneCalculator-master => This app is a calculator, you can multiply, divide, add, subtrack and find the value, it has a number pad layout with actions and numbers at the top

Design Samples

AHAlertView-master => custom alert views, different styles of alert view that can be dismissed with various animations
AnimatedMenu => This app is a animated menu, it looks like the Path menu that was a small icon that expands into menu items in a circle
CMPopTipView => Tip view for buttons, can be used to ad a hint to button or other element
DDMenuController => Menu view that you can sweep aside to reveal menus, common for menus
ECSlidingViewController-master => Similar to DDMenuController but not for menus
iOS7Colors-master => a list of the various colours available in iOS 7, see colours, see how to set color of text
JPSDisplayLink-master => this shows a slow animation of a text flying towards the screen, gets bigger as it gets closer, change speed and text
KGStatusBar-master => Status bar at top of page, smaller, covers time and network/battery, simple, base colours
KKProgressTimer-master => progress circle, different sizes and repeat styles, use to display a loading process
KLCircleViewController-master => curved edges to the view, flip from side to site, gain more edge at top
MessageBarManager-master => message to drop from top of the screen, different style then others, red, blue green, orange ??
MessagesTableViewController-master => visuals of a chat app message / sms sending / processing
MosaicLayout-master => Image mosaic, pulls in images for feed and displays them in a mosaic / grid layout
NJKScrollFullScreen-master => Table view that you can stroll through, numbered, on click of row move to web view
PXAlertView-master => different types of alert views, different buttons, displays and styles
QuickDialog-master => This app is a dialog view for your forms, it has various different elements
RATreeView-master => lists with nested lists, text tree based on clicks to see more lists
RESideMenu-master => This is a menu that slides the view to the right and reveals a list of menu items, it looks modern.
SWTableViewCell-master => Table view that you can slid an item to get more info, or delete row from table, more info opens alert dialog
PaperStack-master => This simulates turning a page with text on it, IPAD only
RSYahooWeatherLoadingIndicator-master => This app has a loader / indicator like something found on yahoo weather, it is arrow going down to a circle then spinning like the sun
UILabel-BackgroundAware-master => This app shows a label that adjusts to the background color, basically the same label adjusts as the background color changes
YLProgressBar-master => Progress bar for a download or a loading or submission
ABCustomUINavigationController-origin => This app has a navigation that changes views in a 3D cube sort of way, the view gets smaller, you can see the edges and it turns toward the edge
CDPieMenu-master => this app lets you spin a wheel then tells you which section of the wheel was selected, could use this or another rotating image as a menu
CMPopTipView-master => this is a collection of popup notifications, click the button and see a quote like text view in different locations and styles
CollapseClick-master => this is login view with collapse click, it has a drop down login / password, also views with images in text field of login / password, has terms of service drop down also
CPMotionRecognizer-master => this is a text entry field that becomes the focus on tap, there is then the ability to copy text, paste, replace, define, edit, keeps focus
CWStatusBarNotification-master => this is a notification bar with customizable transition effects – top, bottom, left, right to top, bottom, left, right, you can also change the timing of the notification and edit the text
DAPagesContainer-master => This app is a menu/title bar in header with items that can be transitioned between by clicking or sweeping the screen
DraggableCollectionView-master => flowing layout of squares with letters and numbers to identify them, the squares all line up and can be flowed threw
DWGridController-master => This app is a layout of images in three rows, you can sweep the rows in either direction to see more images, when you click on an image it expands to show the image on the full screen
EAIntroView-master => this app is a intro view that can be swept or changed via clicking, it is an customizable intro view that can be used to make an intro for your app, there is a skip button that is customizable
FlatUIKit-master => This app shows shows you various different app elements with flat design, includes tables, menus items, segmented control, switches, steppers, progress view, slider, buttons and alerts
FRDButton-master => This app shows you how to create buttons with different styles
HTCopyableLabel-master => This app shows you how to make labels copiable, basically you can long click a label and copy the text, you can paste it in a test text view
ICViewPager-master => This app shows you how to do tabs, the current layout consists of buttons along the bottom that have a red bar under the active tab, it is a clean design and offers smooth transitions, the menu adjusts based on what page you are on
ios-realtimeblur-master => This app shows how to create a view (like alert box for volume) that floats a blur square over the main view (table view)
iPhoneMK-master => This app has different types of views, there is an animations layer (3 different types), tables with switches and checkmarks, network image, various types of number badges that grow based on the number
MBProgressHUD-master => This app shows various different Hud’s / loading spinner / progress bars, this can be used to add a progress bar to your app
MJTransitionEffect-master => This app is a list view with images and two titles, when you click on a row it transitions flowingly into full page view with image, titles and body text (with scrolling)
MMDrawerController-master => This app shows you how to do a drawer, which is a view or menu that can be slid in from the left or right, there are different types of animations, you can see how different widths and transitions back to the main page which is a list view
MMProgressHUD-master => This app is a list of different types of transitions and styles for HUDs (progress bars, loading spinners, text, images, colours and overlays
MTAnimatedLabel-master => This app has a taxt label that is animated in a sliding color change, like the locked page
MVYSideMenu-master => This app is a side menu that slides in below the heading, it can be activated with a text label in the body or a button in the header
MYBlurIntroductionView-master => This app is a blurred effect (over images) on introductions or tutorials slide shows / views, there is a skip button, the ability to add buttons, progress, images, text, on-click messages and images, click to view a page
NMRangeSlider-master => This app shows various different types of range selectors, including stepped, cross over color change, animations to values, numbers – two colours, white and steal
PICircularProgressView-master => This app is a type of progress indicator, you can change the progress, adjust the thickness, if there is text, rounding, shadow inner and outer, also color style and gradient
POPDownMenuTable-master => This app displays a table view / list like menu, when you click on the row it drops down to reveal more menu items, a submenu
PopoverView-master => This app does pop overs, you can click anywhere on the screen an a notice / popup will be displayed, above or below depending on space, once clicked you click yes or no, it will do an animation with an image and disappear
REMenu-master => This is a drop down menu that can be called from the header of the app, menu items have text, subtext and icons, it can also do update counts
RNBlurModalView-master => This app is a simple page with text, an image and some text – when you click demo the screen blurs and there is a notice with an X in the upper left corner – modal has two types of text and 4 rows
RNGridMenu-master => This app shows picture and text, it also has button, when clicked there is 90% of the screen modal menu, there are 3 rows or 3 buttons, the buttons consist of icons and text
RNSwipeViewController-master => This app has three views / pages, there are three buttons, toggle left, toggle right, toggle bottom, you can control the height of the bottom part of the toggle
SGNavigationProgress-master => This app is has a progress bar that goes across the top of the screen, along the bottom of the header, it can be controlled to start, finish, cancel, you can also ask a mask to the page (darken) and change the title while the progress goes, values can be set
UzysSlideMenu-master => This app is a menu that shows up at the top of the page, when clicked it is transparent but dark, there are clean lines separating menu items, there is text and icons for items, it can be activated with a small icon and the menu item can be used as a header
MBCalendarKit-master => This app is a calendar interface, you can changes months back and forth, months change, you can click a date and it will be highlighted, there is a listing of events for each day below (basically like calendar app)
MBTimelineViewController-master => Infinitely scrolling paging collection view, you can scroll through the dates to reveal a new day, it also shows the date of the view at the bottom of the screen
objc-TimesSquare-master => This app is a calendar that you can select a date on, the square changes colour to show selection, this calendar can be slid up and down, there are different calendar types – gregorian, hebrew, islamic, indian, persian
TableViewSearchBar-master => This app is a table view, you can enable or disable indexes along the side (blue letters and search icon), you can search at the top of the page
ZYFolders-master => This app is similar to the folder feature of iOS, you can click on an icon and a space below will open up where additional icons or text could be place
CSNotificationView-master => this app shows a notice at the top of the page, if its a menus or list it will be at the top below the title, if its on a view of its own it will be at the top of the view including the carrier time and battery bar
FlipView-master => presents a mosaic of pages that you can click and view zoomed, also has flip function for page flipping – IPAD only