Review of “5 Simple .htaccess Tips to Tighten Your Site’s Security”

The article published on June 26, 2014 provides 5 Tips for upping a WordPress site’s security.  Original article:

The tips are:

  1. Protecting wp-config.php
  2. Prevent Directory Browsing
  3. Prevent Image Hot Linking
  4. Restrict Access to Your Admin Area
  5. Protect Your .htaccess File

Of these recommendations, you can test quickly whether you are already protected against some of these.  You should get a blank page or a 403 Forbidden page.  Quick test:

  3. See the section below (coming soon)
  4. See the section below (coming soon)

1.  Protecting wp-config.php

The Protecting wp-config.php advice comes directly from

Test it: