What does “| tee -a build.log” do?

What does “| tee -a build.log” do?

This command will display the output in the terminal and also write the output to a file called build.log

Let’s examine each part of the command

| (pipe)
allows the output of one program to be sent to another

split the output to the terminal and to the file

appends the input to the given file(s) instead of overwriting

is the name of the file to which the input is written

|& tee configure.log
|& tee make.log
|& tee make.log
|& tee install.log

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tee_(command)


Adapted from my 12/9/13 post http://advancedmarketingllc.com/what-does-tee-a-build-log-do/