Why is 7E (hex) commonly used as Start Delimiter?

tl;dr answer

0x7E in binary is ‘01111110’ and it is easy to identify


Answer on Stack Overflow: Why is 0x7E commonly used as Start Delimiter in Communication Protocol?

Also, look at Framing in Wikipedia information about High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC)

Used in:

  • XBee – http://knowledge.digi.com/articles/Knowledge_Base_Article/Calculating-the-Checksum-of-an-API-Packet
  • PPP – http://www.netfor2.com/ppp.htm
  • IP – http://www.netfor2.com/ip.htm
  • TinyOS 2.x serial communication – http://www.tinyos.net/tinyos-2.x/doc/html/tep113.html
  • XBee – https://books.google.com/books?id=n_BZAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA86&lpg=PA86&dq=7e+start+packet&source=bl&ots=_nMFZRGFJh&sig=RBU83h2I4EJcAYD-_m4ak0b3hlc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mBdBVYLyIcLAggSr8YGwCQ&ved=0CD0Q6AEwBQ