Excel Delete Blank Rows while Preserving Data

You could use Excel’s “Remove Duplicates” feature, but any duplicate data that is supposed to be there will also get blown away.

To assuredly remove blank rows without removing duplicate data (and maintaining the original order), follow these steps:

  1. Locate or insert a blank column
  2. Optionally name the column “Order” or leave it blank if there are no headers
  3. Type the number “1” in the first row of data
  4. Fill down to the last row of data
  5. Sort by an actual data field
  6. Now the blank rows will be grouped together, so delete the blank rows.
  7. Re-sort by the column of numbers from Smallest to Largest.
  8. Optionally delete the column of numbers

Need to undo this operation? Here’s how to Insert a Blank Row Between Every Row in Excel

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