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Gravity Forms Notifications/Confirmations Shortcodes

If this actually exists elsewhere, I haven’t been able to find it.

Helpful shortcodes (Merge Tags as Gravity Forms calls them) for confirmations and notifications in the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin.

Your site admin email {admin-email]
The form’s name {form_title}
All fields {all_fields}
Advanced Fields (where # is the Field ID)
Name – Prefix {Name (Prefix):#.2}
Name – First {Name (First):#.3}
Name – Middle {Name (Middle):#.4}
Name – Last {Name (Last):#.6}
Name – Suffix {Name (Suffix):#.8}
Time {Time:#}
Address (Street Address) {Address (Street Address):#.1}
Address (Address Line 2) {Address (Address Line 2):#.2}
Address (City) {Address (City):#.3}
Address (State / Province) {Address (State / Province):#.4}
Address (ZIP / Postal Code) {Address (ZIP / Postal Code):#.5}
Address (Country) {Address (Country):#.6}


User IP Address {ip}
Date (mm/dd/yyyy) {date_mdy}
Date (dd/mm/yyyy) {date_dmy}
Embed Post/Page Id {embed_post:ID}
Embed Post/Page Title {embed_post:post_title}
Embed URL {embed_url}
Entry Id {entry_id}
Entry URL {entry_url}
Form Id  {form_id}
Form Title  {form_title}
HTTP User Agent  {user_agent}
HTTP Referer URL  {referer}
User Display Name  {user:display_name}
User Email  {user:user_email}
User Login  {user:user_login}



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SHA512: 682e0e470024df7b7097c4f8c160f21bc2e275923db0dec8b44f26aa1234d911069aadc70ccec0e6e564859b6e28884b1d524fe2a5c787f41e5a46ce4f8d8ec5

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