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Can you turn advanced custom fields into a standalone plugin?

The short answer is no, not completely standalone.

You can make a plugin from the output of the Advanced Custom Fields’ export to PHP option, but it still requires that the site have the full Advanced Custom Fields plugin installed.

There is a way to hide the ACF plugin’s user interface by defining define( ‘ACF_LITE’, true ); before including the acf.php file.

For simple custom fields, you might be better off defining them through native WordPress code https://codex.wordpress.org/Custom_Fields

gravityforms_1.9.16.zip Hashes

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SHA384: f09c35fa9ef9da090c70546d290fbde97b68d1fea988bee8036531cb53c8ccbd10694258112e67d3582ebfbe7b119579

SHA512: 682e0e470024df7b7097c4f8c160f21bc2e275923db0dec8b44f26aa1234d911069aadc70ccec0e6e564859b6e28884b1d524fe2a5c787f41e5a46ce4f8d8ec5

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